Brian Skinner's Web Space

One of these days I must do something useful or interesting with this black hole in cyberspace. In the meanwhile, some useless and boring stuff.

What I say about me:

Husband (of the lovely Angela)
Father (of Jane and Helen)
Member Liberal Democrats
Ex: hockey player, cricketer, badminton player, squash player, racing cyclist
Chess player
Hater of gardening, d-i-y, astrology and new age nonsense
Crossword enthusiast
Co-owner Optitech (software for TV) with Terry Barnett
Cat lover (Darcy, Lizzie and bad boy Bingley)
Computer nerd
Republican, sceptic, cynic, atheist
Discworld fan
Reader of The Times, Telegraph, Sunday Times, Observer and Private Eye

What the family say about me:

Angela: "A cross between Victor Meldrew and Rab C Nesbitt"
Jane: "Indulgent parent"
Helen: "Who?"
Darcy: "Miaow" ("Is it tea-time yet?")
Lizzie: "Miaow" ("Let me go!")
Bingley: "Squeak" ("Just off to kill some wild-life")

Counter sad people with nothing better to do (since 22 Feb 98)

Brian Skinner